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.uk is here

For years us Brits have had to bear the cumbersome burden of three extra characters in our local web addresses.

Our French neighbours have .fr, Germany has .de (Deutschland), but us poor United Kingdomers have had the much-less-snappy .co.uk as our domain suffix. The idea of having an identifier for local government (.gov.uk), education (.sch.uk, .ac.uk) and organisations (.org.uk) is a sound one, but it is much snappier to have the option of just .uk.

Well finally folks, the moment is here – .uk has arrived! Whilst millions of .co.uk addresses will still exist, those brands and site owners now have the ability to move to the new chic alias. In the next year or so we will see how many large companies and organisations will take advantage of this change. Probably the most apparent potential is for www.bbc.co.uk to become bbc.uk, which is so much more catchy, don’t you think?

One new brand to have embraced this arrangement from day 1 of opening their doors is t shirt shop PopWear. With some sites choosing to lose the www from the beginning of addresses, we now have the ability to live in an online world with less extraneous frill. PopWear’s angle on direct simplicity is aided by their url, a simple and snappy popwear.uk rather than www.popwear.co.uk, which would have opened up the potential for typos. We’ve all typed ww instead of www, or .couk or .co,uk, and a simple url lets you get straight to the end goal rather than dwelling on the keyboard.

A short and sweet url that says everything about an organisation is ideal for both the user and the site owner. As far as the user is concerned, http:// and www serve only to tell us that the site is on the Internet rather than any of the non-existent other places a website can be.

At the time of writing, Amazon is not reachable using the .uk suffix, nor are BBC and Ebay. Here’s hoping though, that this new TLD (top level domain) is adopted by the big boys soon.

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