Synchronised Cuppa

Amongst the political mud-slinging in Britain there has been a quiet, and steady revolution taking place in workplaces and lounges across the country. It involves caffeine and community.

The premise of #SynchronisedCuppa leaves little to the imagination, but it culminates in thousands of people breaking from their toil at 3pm to share a cup of tea with the Twitter community. Whether they tweet about it or not.

Every day at 3pm the hashtag begins to trend again as photos of cups in all shapes and sizes are uploaded from smartphones across the nation. Many choose the opportunity to make a reference to the news of the day, or show off something else that may or may not happen to be in the photo. For example, May the 4th, known in geek circles as Star Wars Day, inspired some to dust off their R2D2 mugs and get amongst the action. Some boast of days off work on sunny days by photographing their afternoon beverage on patio furniture against a carefully-pruned background.

Synchronised Cuppa of course, combines two terribly British things: a good old cup of tea and a celebration of the ordinary. The trend isn’t even really that popular (yet), with a peak of less than 150 tweets using the hashtag #SynchronisedCuppa in one day; and the official account @SyncCuppa having fewer than 200 followers. What it does bring is little moments of daily joy to the mechanical grind of the working day.

Tea is one of the most classless things in history, enjoyed by every demographic from royalty to the honest, hard-working bricklayer. The joy of this trend is the array of contexts in which the humble brew is enjoyed. Many have suggested that it should be thrown open to other drinks, and there is even a spin off gaining traction. @SyncWine serves as an alternative garden fence chat over a springtime glass of something. It’s the time of day which is less consistent, with a gloriously haphazard straddling of both hashtags/handles being used, to remind those political activists that this is where the action is.

So come on, people. Find your most eccentric-looking mugs and join in the quiet, civilised revolution!

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