How to Grow on Twitter

Twitter has changed the face of communication since its launch in 2006, with over 500 million registered users and countless others able to read tweets without even having an account.

There’s scarcely an industry or area of life that doesn’t use the microblogging site to communicate with followers, and one key success variable is the number of followers you have. The struggle for a new social media account is to gain followers, and the vicious circle is that you need followers to entice followers.

Buying Twitter followers can provide a platform to build on, but fake accounts can give a misleading impression of the target demographic. Chances are, if you buy a large chunk of followers, every one of those following accounts will have been generated by use of a ‘bot’, or automation engine. These ghost accounts are devoid of tweets and have very little credibility. Google are increasingly taking into account a site’s social endorsement, and it’s not beyond the realms of feasibility for their algorithm to detect and disavow sites with fake followers.

A new player to the market is Twiends, whose 3 million users take part in mutual following according to criteria that they specify, such as geography and subject matter. Twiends runs on a currency called ‘seeds’. Each time a user follows another account through the site, they are awarded seeds, which can then be used to entice other followers.

Aside from the reciprocal social endorsement, the unique selling point of using Twiends is that members can use profiling to target a specific type of user. For example, a British health blogger could elicit followers from the UK with an interest in sport or diets or healthcare or exercise.

Those whose needs reach beyond reciprocal following can pay for more seeds, and offer a higher seed reward for quality followers. The site is active in its monitoring of spam accounts and ‘churning’ (following then immediately unfollowing in order to obtain seeds/followers) so it is geared to reward those who play fair.

All in all, it is well worth investing the time (and if you wish, money) in order to cultivate your Twitter garden. You get out of it what you put in.

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