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Christmas Present Ideas

As the dust settles on Halloween, attentions now turn to Christmas, which is less than eight weeks away. 

For many people, the list of Christmas presents that you need to buy is getting longer each year. With that in mind, here are a few ideas for festive gifts, with varied levels of silliness.

*** A Personalised Poster ***

Brighten up the hallway, bedroom or office of your loved one with a personalised framed poster. Printed Gift Shop is an Amazon seller but you can save money if you go direct. At printedgiftshop.com you get free delivery and more framing options.

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Prices for framed items start at just £18 including UK delivery and there's also the option to have your own bespoke design for no extra cost.

*** Adopt A Sprout ***

A fun little stocking filler that emerged last year is Adopt A Sprout. The irony of sprouts at Christmas is that millions of them get eaten by people who don't even like eating them. What you get is a personalised certificate, a postcard from your chosen sprout and a Christmas card with envelope. All this is inside a shiny gold envelope which you can present to whoever you like as a novelty gift.


They even have a funny video appeal that explains the plight of these troubled vegetables.

Adopt a Sprout costs just £5 including UK delivery.

*** Coal from Santa ***

Another fun little novelty gift is a lump of coal from father Christmas. The myth goes that good boys and girls get what they want for Christmas, whereas naughty ones get a lump of coal. Not only do you (or the recipient of your choice) receive a box with coal inside, the appearance of the box looks far more inviting. There's even the option to have it giftwrapped!

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This is a great little Secret Santa gift for less than £10. And still leaves enough for some chocolates to soften the blow!


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