Who would you glitterbomb?

In the news recently has been the Australian site, whose owner has put the domain up for sale because he couldn’t cope with the demand for his novelty service.

The concept is as simple as it is cunning. For AU$9.99 you nominate a person to receive a piece of mail which, when opened up, drops glitter on the victim. Glitter as part of the decorations on cards has long been known as an irritation at the best of times because of it’s ability to get everywhere; your hands, the furniture, the carpet etc. This latest trend is a turbo charged version of that.

Well the inevitable has happened, and such a service is now available in the UK, accepting PayPal.
sends out an anonymous greetings card to the recipient of your choice. Just £5 + £1 postage lets you deliver a neat package of spangly chaos to any UK address. The difference with this UK site is the added value of the greetings card.

A neat little joke in the card reads “They say you can’t polish a turd… but you can cover it in glitter”, implying that the recipient is akin to a waste product.

How long will the craze last? Well it’s only a week long across the globe and it’s only just arrived in the UK, so let’s just say there might be quite a few people getting redecorated. Whether they like it or not!