Subway – No butter?

Popping into a Subway used to be an oh-too-frequent guilty pleasure for your esteemed writer, as it is a short walk away from a former workplace. The customer is dazzled with the array of dressings, breads and salad options, which has hypnotised customers for several years.

butter2Upon visiting that same branch of Subway last week, I relished what had now become a rare treat. Bingo, the shop is empty of customers so I must have timed it just right. I ordered my favourite Italian BMT and had to relive the needlessly difficult decision of choosing a sauce.

It was at this stage that I suddenly thought: Hang on, where’s the butter? I’ve randomly picked the bread I want, even though I’m sure most people go for the easiest to say (Italian) or the one in the middle (Italian again I believe) whilst simultaneously regretting that they hadn’t chosen the one they actually wanted which was the Italian Herbs and Cheese. Just three additional words to turn a good sandwich into a great one.

All this choice of bread, sauce and salad, but are they accurately┬áreflecting what us Brits actually want in a sandwich? I can’t speak for everyone, but I dare say most of us get some bread, butter it, put the main ingredient in and then grab some leaves. Possibly a bit of mayo. I routinely reject all the salad options because I believe all of them get in the way of the taste of the sandwich. Sweetcorn, Olives and Jalapenos are not normal for a British sarnie. Where is the rocket or bay leaves?

Perhaps Subway should do what McDonalds do so well; change their product offer to appeal to global tastes. Then we might actually get what we like!

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  1. This is a tricky one PH, I would rather not have butter and I do like many of the salady bits, peppers, sweetcorn etc. Just curious to know, do you put butter on your burger buns when bar-b-qing, we have a family split on this one!!

    • Same here Bracey, my parents are non-butterers but I and at least one brother always reach for the yellow stuff. Although to save crumbs in the butter and having to wash the knife, I’m all for the advent of a squeezy butter. That’s another story though

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