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Some people walk fast, some walk more slowly. It depends on a list of factors; how able and fit the person is, how pressed they are for time, and simply how they like to walk. It’s something to celebrate, indeed a good perambulation arena is a rich melting pot of strollers, amblers, dawdlers and hurriers. The contrast in speed between an infirm shuffler and a late panicker can of course be huge, but the faster walker is thankfully by definition more able and willing to quickly change course and dash around people; in and out of a crowd.

However, on the roads of Great Britain, we cannot apply the same logic. If you’re driving much slower than the generally accepted speed for the road, you are effectively demanding that everybody do what you do. You’re the pace setter, your speed is the only speed allowed. Everyone must drive the way you do, regardless of their capabilities, time constraints or attention span.

Some people drive slowly, some drive slightly faster. But when the someone drives slowly on a busy road, the only way anyone else can be allowed to drive normally is by overtaking. We know that overtaking can be a dangerous manoevre, but how about the danger of a whole line of traffic wanting to overtake on a single carriageway? Let’s say there’s a 10% chance of endangering others on the road when you overtake out of frustration. If 10 normal* drivers have to swerve around a slow driver you may suggest that there would be a 100% chance of causing danger.

So using these arguments I urge those slow drivers to check their rear view mirror. If there is a snaking queue of traffic behind you and nothing in front of you on your side of the road, this means you are bringing danger to the road.

Happy motoring!

*I deem a normal driver to be one who drives within 20% of the speed limit

P. Hurford 2011

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  1. Just like having bus and taxi lanes in cities, I think there should be a tractor, grey army and a “My wife won’t let me go past 40” lane on all roads. OOOOORRRR…Maybe instead of that stupid direct rail link they are banging on about, why not just create a huuuuge conveyor belt for slow drivers to get to the city at a steady speed….

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