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The other week when my tail light needed replacing, I took the lazy option and paid extra to have it fitted for me. Now this is the sort of thing that I would criticise of others, a bit like the McDonald’s Drive Thru which seems to be the height of laziness.

The time I had my tail light fitted was a damp, cold weekday evening, and the fitter was a strapping young man who seemed to know mid-sized hatchbacks like the back of his hand. He fitted it single handedly (although he had two hands and used them both, but there is sadly no such phrase as ‘ double handedly’), whilst also holding a torch. I stood for a few moments and he invited me to leave him to it and retreat to the relative warmth and sanctuary of my car. I politely declined, saying that I wanted to watch and learn.

Today, however, when I needed to replace an indicator, the strapping young man was nowhere to be seen. The cashier said “she’ll be with you in just a minute”, which did not make me feel particularly macho. When a young girl of certainly less than 21 years emerged and referred to me as ‘Sir’, I wondered if I could hide behind a facade of being a posh man with no time for such frivolity. Then I looked down at my scruffy trainers and baggy green corduroy and began to feel sufficiently low enough to walk under a bench with a top hat. I sat in the car listening to Chelsea vs Norwich on 5 Live whilst a girl fitted a bulb for me.

I’m now off to McDonald’s Drive Thru to get a burger for the journey home.

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  1. Ha ha ha! Ohhh the shame!

    What annoys me is the fact that it is no longer a simple task to change a car light bulb. It is as if manufacturers are making vehicles more difficult to self maintain, so that we have to spend money on garage visits. When I had a Ford KA, they had to practically move the engine to replace the head light bulb. Even in my Kia you end up taking off half the skin on your hand and botching the job with bubble wrap and electrical tape to keep the bloody thing in… x

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