5 reasons why Scottish independence would be bad

Very shortly, our compatriots in Scotland take to the polling stations to vote to save their country from future financial ruin. Here are 5 reasons why it’s better for the rhythm guitarist to stay in the band:

1. Alex Salmond is already negotiating automatic EU membership, whilst there are arguments for Britain to leave the EU so we can govern our own business, immigration and law. Who do Scots want to have more influence on Scotland? Compatriots in London or foreigners in Berlin and Brussels?

2. All new EU member states must join the Euro, so the idea of a Scottish Pound is pretty unlikely. Staying in the UK would mean Scotland carry on using Sterling.

3. Current and recent British governments have had huge involvement from Scottish politicians, including the last Prime Minister and Chancellor both hailing from above the border.

4. One of Britain’s most refreshing and direct politicians is an MEP, Nigel Farage. He routinely stands before the European Parliament to fight for British values and clamp down on the millions of your pounds that go abroad instead of to British people

5. The BBC, if not supported by the people of Scotland, would become a premium service. The BBC sells content to international broadcasters, who also have to be funded by advertising. Don’t expect much filming to be done north of Carlisle again if Scotland becomes a foreign land.

Best of luck to Scotland, they will always be loved by the rest of Great Britain, whether or not the sentiment is returned. However, if they were to leave the Union, they would be turning their back on stability.

We shall see

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  1. Let em go. If it were a couple in a relationship, and the woman (Scotland) hated the man(uk), just split up. Divorce. Move on. Why bend over backwards all the time to try and please only to be told each time that it’s not enough. But I reckon that the jocks will vote no and get more devolution so they still get more out of the relationship than us.

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